Imagine a future in harmony, where all people enjoy life; -playing, learning, exploring, loving, and growing. A world where sustainability is not a worn-out word we use in marketing but rather a reality wherein our planet thrives; -a future where a functional ecosystem evolves and grows; that's the future I dream about. -but let's be honest, to make our dreams come true, we must start with small steps, stop talking, and instead take action. My start is The Rokter, my channel for stories, insights, and code for our future.

I follow three principles in my work:

Mikkel Pedersen - The Rokter smoking his pipe
The Rokter and a 18 kilos salmon from Tana river


I grow up in Artic Norway, the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. My passion started with a family where fishing and hunting were the foundation. A lifetime in nature has evolved into a deep love for doing good for our fellow creatures and our planet.

My passion for seafood and salmon is deeply ingrained in my love for fishing. From the mindfulness from hours and hours at the banks - catching giant salmon on dry flies, to freediving after scallops (one of my favorite seafood), I'm driven by a deep desire to let my kids and our next generation also have these experiences.

I channel my passion by working and sharing my stories and context, so you and fellow enthusiasts can learn and grow with me.


Sharing is caring, and being transparent gives ease of mind. And sharing my whys gives me stress relief and is an excellent debate start-point. I'm integrating all my work and personal adventures on this blog and The Rokter's social media channels. I will share my journey openly and show you the rainy days as much as the sunny ones.

I'm in this fantastic position at the core of a pulsating ocean seafood industry with enormous potential. And as I navigate the vast world of aquaculture and seafood, I believe I have a responsibility to inform and include, so I will try my best to maintain transparency in my endeavors, keeping you informed and involved at every step

Dissecting a salmon for research on net cleaning impact
A fishing guide preparing a bait for big game fishing


My commitment to our oceans and inhabitants has led me to deep-dive into salmon biology and underwater technology. I aim to contribute as much as possible by developing new technology - bringing it to market, and sharing my insights. From driving advancements in underwater robotic technology to building automation software, and a blog, I'm dedicated to continuing to push my boundaries and learn more.

I'm here in the middle of it all, and I will try to share as much as possible with you :)





Discovery & Alignment

In this step, I'd like to take the time to understand your unique challenges, goals, and context. I listen to your story, explore your needs, and align our objectives. This ensures we're all working towards a common goal. It's not just about delivering a service; it's about building trust.


Strategy & Planning

Once we've defined the task and work scope, I craft a tailored plan that aligns with our project's unique requirements and goals. I combine my network and skills with your needs to make a comprehensive roadmap for success.



I believe in speed in deliverables. So I normally deliver fast and then take a few revisions to ensure alignment.



Normally effects are best when adjusted, so implementing data-driven insights to adapt to evolving circumstances and optimize performance is always part of the deliverable.


Evaluation & Growth

Growth is constant optimization in the right place. So evaluating the deliverable's impact, and assessing the results of our collaboration is essential. Normally our partnership continues, but I pinpoint new growth opportunities. I'm committed to your long-term success.

Experiences & Skills

Sales & Marketing

Salmon Biology

Product Development


Salmon Behavior

Software Development

"Advocating" Seafoods & DE-CODING BIOLOGY for Future Farmers

The Rokter AS


Founder - Building a "Robot company" for Aquaculture

Probotic AS


Founder - Building a "Service Company" for Aquaculture


2017 – 2020

Managing Systems for Underwater Asset Inspections

Njord Costal Services AS

2015 – 2017

Salmon Biology & Behavior Research

Naturtjenester i Nord AS

2013 – 2020